Things you need from people you can trust on terms you negotiate
Things you need
from people you can trust
on terms you negotiate
Let's get started!
What do you need?

Do you need help?
Somewhere to stay?
A meal? Second hand items?
Favorey is the network for things
you need, from people
you can trust.

1-2-3 Favorey!
How it works
Why Favorey?

Who do you ask when you need something? Your network of family and friends are normally first. And if they can’t help, they can often recommend someone ‘who can’.

People who can
What's it all about?
As easy as 1-2-3!

And finally...
What do you need?
Second hand goods?
You name it!
Let's get started!
Make more money
It's who you know

When you need something, but you don't know who to ask. Favorey combines the power of social with the reassurance of trusted recommendations.

what if...

...we could combine the power of social to bring together people who need stuff with people who can help?

We are a bunch of women and men from different backgrounds and locations who spotted a gap in what the existing social media platforms and marketplaces offered.

Our mission

We are building a community of trust, where we can all ask for help from trusted contacts, and use our skills to help others.

Using the power of social to create new communities that help each other.